SNOW! - again

Just heard the good news - Roseville schools closed tomorrow because of snow. It's really coming down. Left work early on bosses orders. I shoveled when I came home, then went cross-country skiing through the streets - something I've always wanted to do -- very fun.

M spent about an hour outside with the neighbor building a snow fort. This is what she looked like when she came in.


amy said…
Oh fun!!!!!!!!!! We are jealous! The question remains, however, whether it's more fun knowing the night before or finding out in the morning...?
John G. said…
The night before is good in theory - you go to bed with the knowledge that you can sleep in. However - both kids were up in time to go to school - Crazy! I prefer discovering the school is closed in the morning. Nothing like dragging your tired butt out of bed, only to discover that it's a SNOW DAY!
amy said…
Still snowing there? We demand an update!

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