Little House in the Big Fort

Summer is camp time – one week here, another week there. This is an off week, with the Dude spending the week at the cabin with Grandma-ma and Boppa, while Maria is at home with Mom and Dad.

Last week M attended “Little House in the Big Fort” camp at Fort Snelling. She had a blast. As the pictures show, many of the girls dressed in period dresses, while everyone was given a bonnet and apron.

They did all sorts of things that young girls might do in the 1820s -30s: They learned to embroider and had to embroider their initials on their aprons; they baked bread in an old word burning stove (M’s looked and felt like a brown rock); they fished with cane poles and bobbers fashioned from wine bottle corks; they visited the Fort hospital and were treated for various ailments using the “latest” in medical technology (M was “bled” for some unspecified ailment, having to place her elbow over an old tin cup to catch the runoff); and they had tea with Mrs. Snelling – and learned a few manors along the way.

All in all a wonderful time was had by all.


Cate Ross said…
Boy does that look like fun! Pony was interested in working there when we went for the 4th. You guys find such cool things to do with the kids!
Anonymous said…
Howdy cate ross!
This is the Hobbled Wife, who cannot seem to ever remember her blogspot logon so have to leave anonymous comments. Hope you enjoyed your 4th at the Fort- it's very fun. I used to work it- it's fun and busy! They have another camp this summer ( if that link works; I can't remember exactly what grades your girls are in! They also take youth volunteers - I think kids have to be 14 or 16.... It's a great experience!

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