Friday, February 01, 2013

Memory Lane

Where do you start?  How do you begin how to cull through 80+ years of a life well-lived?  

This afternoon I was looking in drawers and up on shelves – trying to determine what was tucked away.  In one folder I came upon some interesting artifacts of my father’s.  Look – here’s the canceled check for their engagement ring. 

I also found a voter registration card from the City of Chicago.  My father lived in Chicago after the War, working for Liberty Mutual Insurance.  

52 Cedar Street – hmm?  What do you know, the place is still standing.

My Mom

It’s been a busy few days.   My mother had some heart troubles for a few years – but was controlling everything with medication.  She was active and mobile (driving herself) to the end.  We feared that she was getting worse the past several weeks – but she and the doctor were tinkering with her meds (blood thinners, etc) so things looked good.  I was surprised when the Edina Police called me while I was in a meeting on Wednesday.  She died suddenly at home – maybe Tuesday night – maybe Wednesday morning.

We have been busy with funeral arrangements, making plans for the future of her apartment, her car, furniture, etc.  

Here's Mom and the grand-kids at Christmas.