Monday, March 26, 2012

Card Enclosed!

Two weeks after the big 5-0, and it comes. My AARP card. Perhaps you can't read the small print - but I still can - "Card Enclosed".

I'm not ready to be a card-carrying member of the AARP - yet.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Asking for Directions

Here's the kids and I asking directions of the (creepy) wax couple at the Palm Springs Art Museum. They were no help whatsoever.

Given my writer's block of late this appears to be a successful blogging strategy: doling out something every day from our recent trip to Palm Springs.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Indian Canyon

Shana created this movie last week in Palm Springs using iMovie on her iPhone. It highlights our hike in Indian Canyons.

Don't waste time looking for Maria - she was shopping with her Aunt Sue - much more fun than hiking - in her opinion.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Very Different Year

Today - 11:30 am.

One year ago - seen below.

This Land is Your Land

In the “old days” my children provided much inspiration for blog posts – what with all their cute sayings and awkward questions. Today, the conversations are less cute but just as interesting. On the way to school today, the Dude and I discussed immigration policy.

His Humanities class is reading First Crossings: Stories about Teen Immigrants, edited by Donald Galloa. During class discussion yesterday, the Dude suggested we look at the world as the larger continents, rather than as smaller countries. He figured that if everyone were a citizen of their continent rather than their nation-state, it would reduce conflict about immigration.

I was quick to reference the recent experience in Europe and their problems with the Euro-zone and a common currency.

We also talked about the obvious irony of a “nation of immigrants” taking steps to keep out future immigrants. We also touched on the fact that while many say we should be tough on illegal immigrants, they also benefit from an economy where many of our goods and services are provided by illegals.

The world – it’s a complicated place. Certainly more complicated than can be worked out during a 10 minute car ride.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Whew - That Wasn't Easy

Spent the better part of half-hour trying to find this picture on the Mac. I know Macs are supposed to be easy, but I spend almost 14 hours a day on a PC - and I'm on vacation without my PC so I'm stumbling along on the Mac. Too bad the kids (and everyone else) is still sleeping - they could have figured this out in no time.

Anyway - grumbling aside - here's a shot from Tuesday's hike in Palm Canyon. It was a fairly easy hike - but a bit long for a five year old so my the "other" Uncle John had to carry him on his shoulders from time-to-time. That's them up ahead on the right.

The nephew turned 6 yesterday - maybe we won't have to carry him next time!

In the meantime - while I cursed Steve Jobs trying to find this darn picture - the sun's come up. It looks like another gorgeous day in Palm Springs. Time to hit the pool.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Three of Me

Maria used some free time in art class to create these two masterpieces - based on a photo on her iPhone.

What scares me is that both kids think these are pretty good likenesses of the old man.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Aging Gracefully

As the I approach the half-century mark, today’s Star Tribune reminds me that,
1. I better not lose my job because it’s not easy to recover at my age, and
2. If you want to remain physically active past 50, it’s not easy.

First the Star Tribune had a nice piece about how Minnesotan’s are bearing up under the recession. One of the featured Minnesotan’s is my former high school buddy (and now Facebook friend) Denise Pederson Sjoberg. An MBA, Denise lost her job at the end of 2008. After taking stock of her life, she ended up opening an in-home day care operation. It’s not been easy, the article hints at the financial challenges. But reading Denise’s posts on Facebook you can see the joy her new found lifestyle brings – and she lost 25 pounds!

I didn’t spend much time with the aging athlete piece. I respect those who want to run marathons and triathlons into their 50s, 60s, and beyond – but that’s now me. As the title of my blog suggests – this Hobbled Runner knows his place. I’ve made peace with the fact that my days of daily runs are over. Honestly, if I had the time to run more I could at best do maybe 2 runs a week. I prefer something I can do every day (walking) to something that requires special stretches and icing to continue on a regular basis.

Having said that, I admit it’s not always easy. If I see someone striding along the road effortlessly, having a nice run, I am still envious – but often as not the beautiful strider is someone under 40, usually under 30. The few older runners I see don’t carry it off with the same grace. I see lots of stiff torsos, necks – many hit the ground kind of hard – doesn’t look like fun. Then there are the aging athletes I overhear at work or social events talking about ongoing physical therapy, regular cortisone injections, orthotics, or the upcoming ACL surgery.

We all have our own reasons for pushing on (or not). Good luck to those athletic warriors who push the boundaries of age, but also good luck to those who stroll quietly through the neighborhood, trailed by an aging dog.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Sound of Music Trailer

Here's a nice trailer for the RAHS Drama production of The Sound of Music. Starts next week. Buy your tickets now!

Since I only get about 15 viewers a day, I often assume everyone knows the entire back-story on every post. RAHS = Roseville Area High School. For the past 2 months, our home has been alive with the sound of music. That's Maria - as Maria - gold sweater in some of the non-customed scenes in the trailer. We are very proud - and excited.