Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Am (We Are) Rosetown

Great promotion video for Rosetown, featuring Shana and I.

I apologize for lop-sided view - not sure why it embeds that way. For better view, you might try YouTube.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flash Mob! - and More

I’m a little concerned. Shana left town today for a three day conference, and I’m already exhausted – and it’s Sunday, the supposed day of rest.

Neither Shana nor I slept well knowing she had to leave before 5:00 a.m. Duke was the only one happy to be up at that time, but with a little coaxing, he let me have another hour in bed.

Then the kids got up early – which was good for Maria as she had to “work”. She is a volunteer at the Children’s Museum this summer and she had to work 9:00 to 2:00 today. That’s right – wondering what to do with your kid at 9:00 am on Sunday? Take them to the Children’s Museum.

After taking Maria downtown to the museum, I came back for some laundry and room cleaning with the Dude. Good news – he has still has a floor. It was under there after all.

After house cleaning we were off to the museum. It turns out Maria did get a lunch break after all. This is the first time I’ll bail her out by bringing a lunch – probably won’t be the last. From there we were off to Rosedale for a Flash Mob performance with the cast of The Wizard of Oz.

I think I was more nervous than I ever would admit because the relief I felt upon completing that singing and dancing at Rosedale was incredible. There was no time to savor victory, for it was off to Hallmark for a graduation card, then back to the Museum to pick up Maria who was a few minutes late – she had a meeting.

From the Children’s Museum we headed off to look at a desk Shana learned about on Craig’s List. It was very nice Ikea desk. We bought it, and the chair. They will go in Maria’s room – after we pick up the desk. Not sure why Shana drove her car to the airport – but there’s no way that desk would fit in mine – though the chair did. Shana can retrieve the desk when she returns Wednesday.

After the desk, it was on to a graduation open house for the daughter of a friend who will be attending Wesleyan this fall.

It’s sprinkling off and on and I declare it too wet to mow. We will be getting take-out pizza for dinner – with a nice salad courtesy of our CSA.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wizard of Oz - Poster Anyone?

Postering Day - Saturday 6/18/11 - Maria in the middle with friends. We had just stopped at Edible Arrangements. They took a poster - and provided free samples, chocolate-covered strawberries.

Wizard of Oz rehearsals are going well. I’m starting to see how it will all come together. Of course I know the show – everyone does – but when you spend a great deal of time rehearsing songs and dances for just a few scenes – and often in a very random order – it’s sometimes a challenge to wrap your head around the idea that this WILL come together in time for opening night, July 7.

I’ve been negligent in documenting Oz rehearsals. The Rosetown Playhouse Facebook page has some nice shots - including some with Maria. I will try to take some pictures tonight – maybe even a short video with the Flip.

New Topic/Same Post

Summer officially began this week, but you knew that already. The problem is that here in Minnesota it feels like Spring, or Fall, depending on your perspective. It’s been stormy and/or rainy, and a bit on the cool side. Leaving work yesterday, I heard on the radio that it was only 63 degrees. The average high for this time of year is 81.

Went for a walk today at noon – (11:45 AM – 57 degrees).

I’m hoping for a little sunshine to perk me up.

A cool, gray day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Before Weather Went to Heck

Two views from the walking path at noon.

Almost stepped on this little guy - I was so busy futzing with my Blackberry.

Happy Summer Solstice

[View out the office window - 3:30 pm]

The days are getting shorter. Can you feel it?

The kids call in the early afternoon. The door from garage into house has fallen off a hinge. It’s still connected, but tenuously. I tell them to prop it up as best they can and I’ll fix it when I get home.

An hour later they call. They just wanted to let me know that they are in the basement with Duke. The tornado sirens are going off.

Eventful afternoon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Maria had a very nice message for me on Facebook.

Five GREAT Things About My Dad:

1. He loves dandelions.
2. His dad was born on the 4th of July and liked to talk about how the fireworks are for him.
3. His stage debut was at age 47.
4. He has a widows peak that is about 5 inches long and it cracks me up!!
5. He used to run a lot in high school.

I love you John Gisselquist! I would have said more but statuses can only be 420 characters long.
Here's a picture of me that combines #1 and #4 (my hairline).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guess How I Voted

I will be attending the American Association of Law Librarian conference in Philadelphia in July. I'll be doing the normal vendor things - staffing a booth, meeting with customers, etc. The company sends lots of people to this event and it's important we all look good - and that we all look the same.

Yesterday I received this email.

As AALL approaches, we thought we would take your opinions into consideration as to what the ‘approved’ booth attire will be this year. Please review the options below and use the voting button to select your preference! Please have your response by June 17th. We will send out the results next week!

Option #1
Dark colored jeans, a summer style WHITE shirt (Must have sleeves) and sporty orange tennis shoes (provided by trade show).

Option #2
Business Casual: Black slacks/skirts, white shirts (must have sleeves) and either a orange & white polka dot tie/scarf (provided by trade show).

Guess how I voted.

Business Jargon: Level-Set, POA, and RPU

It’s been eons since I’ve posted on business jargon, but the past 24 hours have present a number of instances so I figured a post was in order.

In a meeting yesterday afternoon, someone used the term level-set about 5 times in the first 5 minutes. I had a general idea what he meant, but I had to look it up to confirm:

To ensure that everyone is at the same 'level' of understanding. "You better level-set your team before you send them on-site." Source.

Then today, there's this request via email: I’d like a quick meeting to discuss our POA. What? Turns out POA is Plan of Attack or Plan of Action.

And finally, I didn’t get the memo but it’s we now measure things with RPU (revenue per user), rather than RPA (revenue per attorney). I'm always the last to know.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Saturday was the first day of set-building for Rosetown's production of The Wizard of Oz. The Dude was put to work painting bricks for the Yellow Brick Road.

I was tasked with less glamorous work like moving set pieces around in an attempt to make a large elevated circle to encase the orchestra whilst allowing case members to dance around them. We also constructed the frame for the house - which blows away during the tornado. Given my carpentry skills that's a job I'm cut out for - building things that will blow away in storms.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Day of School

Last day at Parkview and Maria has taken the old kindergarten bag out of the closet for one last time. Each year kindergarteners are given a bag with their name on it. They use only that bag – not a backpack. It’s easy to spot the kindergartners.

When Maria first started, the 8th graders looked so big. Some were as big as me. One even needed to shave – occasionally. As a parent of a kindergartner I feared those big kids might step on her. Now she’s the big one – almost 5-10. Yes, she’s as big as me (maybe a 1/2 inch shy).

She hasn’t stepped on any that I know of.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Crazy Busy Week

It’s been a crazy busy week; everything is coming together in a perfect storm and scheduling nightmare.

It’s the last week of school for Maria. It’s the end of the road at Parkview, 8th grade graduation. This week we have/had Maria’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday; the graduation party tonight; as well as several end-of season dance practices and recitals for Maria (Tues, Thurs, Fri – and Sat).

Just to make things interesting, Maria is starting dance classes at a new dance school whose schedule doesn’t mesh well with the Park and Rec dance program holding recitals this week. The new dance classes started this week! – Monday for Jazz, and Wednesday for Ballet. Of course Wizard of Oz practice goes on for all who can make it (Mon thru Thurs).

The Dude’s last day of school (5th grade) is next Tuesday. Remember – different schools, different school districts. Tonight he has a choir concert (he’s doing a solo, Rainbow Connection) and some role in the 8th grade graduation next week – as well as Wizard practice.

As for Dad, he have to attend some (all?) of these events – and Wizard practice.

Shana is very busy – attending events – and helping set up for 8th grade graduation, and the graduation party.

And – yes, I’m sure I have some of the details wrong. I probably left out some stuff as well. I’ll let Shana comment with corrections.