Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

Dumping your BlackBerry in coffee is not covered under the warranty, so I’ve ordered a new one. Pity – as I am enjoying life without it – but the job is such that I’m expected to be Mr. Twitchy, constantly checking the darn thing for the latest communication from World Headquarters.

Time away allows one to assess things. I don’t think I ever realized how busy I was/am until I went away (without my BlackBerry). Looking back, I don’t even recall large chunks of June and July. Just yesterday it dawned on me that I don’t recall much of anything about Oliver! even though it consumed my life for 8 weeks.

I had my mid-year review with boss yesterday. Things are going well. Apparently the hell I’m experiencing is showing a new side to me – one that meets with management’s approval. I’m becoming more of a “Driver”- something I am encouraged to continue to develop. I’m not sure what I actually did that demonstrated these driver skills. In general, I feel harried, confused, and pissed-off most of the time – perhaps those are the skills and traits of a successful driver?

Email Heck: Of course my regular email troubles are accentuated by the fact that I took a true (non-working) vacation. Now I’m juggling reading (and responding to) old email – some 2 weeks old – against the responding to new ones that arrive almost non-stop. I’m favoring the more current ones – as many of the senders of the old ones probably found their answer elsewhere when they saw my out-of-office message. I hope.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Quick checking from Maine where I am extremely offline. On my return from Las Vegas --the second trip in two weeks-- I dropped my BlackBerry into my coffee. It is out of commission until I return to office next week. First few days I kept reaching for it -- very twitchy was I. Now I am accustomed to the life offline and except for this brief interlude, intend to remain offline for the duration of vacation.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Working from a Remote Location

Here's the view from the office window this morning. I'm in Las Vegas on business - sales meeting. I return next week as well! I'm not needed down at the conference until 1:45 and since their is no wi-fi in the conference area I have retreated to the comfort of my room overlooking the pool, spa, and vineyard! - to take advantage of the free internet.

I did circle around during morning break - see and be seen - hundreds of Type-A's slapping backs, little hugs, air-kisses - whew! I've got to put on my game face for this afternoon.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

No Further!

The Dude and I are at the cabin this weekend. Shana and M, and 7 other Girl Scouts (and one additional adult) are up at the North Shore. I need to clear my mind so I was looking forward to the long walks I "knew" Duke and I would take.

For some reason, Duke will not take a long walk. We can putter around the cabin, but any attempt to go more than the equivalent of a city block are met with resistance, as in the photo above.

So it's back to the cabin where Duke is now pacing. He will pace until it's time to nap the day away before waking up in the late afternoon for the pre and post-dinner pacing. Ah - the quality of life that dog enjoys.

Here's another photo that I snapped yesterday morning as the fog was lifting. Today we have clouds and the threat of rain.